Jack The Legend

There have been stories going around. Hints about the ultimate car guy, the automotive expert… a legend. He is here, and his name is Jack.
We all know a ‘car guy’, a person who thinks they know everything about cars. Jack is not one of these people. He is an automotive expert. He knows all there is to know not just about cars, but everything else to do with them. He has a literal world of experience, having been trained in Germany and Japan, and is very practical.
One time, as part of a rally crew, the support van sprung a radiator leak. It was the middle of nowhere so Jack cracked an egg into the radiator which temporarily sealed the leak and allowed him to drive through 200 kilometres of bush and to safety. In the same rally, and in the same van, Jack also had to improvise a fan belt from tree bark when the original one snapped.
Courtesy of his Japanese and German sojourns, he is proficient in the technologies featured in the cars from these countries. Jack can tell the difference between a Mercedes C180 and a C200 in the dark. He likes his Golf - the car, not the sport.
When you’re looking to buy a car, you need technical advice about the engine and the structural components. You also need financial advice. Jack is the best of both worlds – a consummate professional who will guide you through this sometimes precarious process.
Thanks to Jack, Shopping for cars at Car Duka is going to be fun, comprehensive and interactive. He is the face of Car Duka, the master mechanic and the purveyor of motoring. He is here to ensure that you always get the best deal whether for a new car, car insurance, car financing or the auction site.
Talk to Jack, he’s here for you. He’s here to show you the better way. He knows what’s good for you and wants you to get it.


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